How To Start A Lifestyle Blog:- 6 Golden Tips + Make Money Tips

How To Start A Lifestyle Blog And How To Make Money From Lifestyle Blog?
I know you’re interested in starting a lifestyle blog of your own?

Well, its a great idea!

And you come to the right place.

This post dedicated by newbies blogger. Who want to start a lifestyle blog from scratch.

In this post we’re going to cover everything you need to know to how build and launch your successful lifestyle blog and earn money with it.

So Let’s Get Started……

I know you already know what is lifestyle blog is, If you don’t know then let i tell you quickly, “Lifestyle blog is a simple blog where you can share about things in your life.”What is a Lifestyle Blog?

It can be very common, or you can focus on one aspect of your life (such as Yoga or fashion or motivation) and may be mixed up after and after all other materials.

Before we start: Why start a lifestyle blog?

This is the most important question.
Asking before starting a lifestyle blog yourself.

There are so many reasons to start today’s lifestyle blog. One of the main reason is money.


You can earn money threw blogging.

I earn $100k per year from blogging in a part time.

This is better for me.

Yes or not?

The best part is that, I make money and make brand from my blog, and I’m just 20 years old. I’m able to stay home with college and work from here anytime.

If you are passionate then making 4-6 figures every single month because of blogging?

Is not this a quick way to make money?

This is long term business. Its depend on you, your audience and your hard work and smartwork.

Without passion, you cannot succeed and if your heart is not in it for the right reason, you will fail.

Start A Lifestyle Blog:- Ideas For A Lifestyle Blog

If you want to start a lifestyle blog then you should choose a profitable topic.

You can choose any topic, but you have in passionate about topic. You have interest in it and you have knowledge about it.

DIGITALJAYPAL is a lifestyle blog. Here we write about blogging, digital marketing, SEO, make money and Business tips etc and share with our audiance.

So if you’re thinking how to start lifestyle blog, here are some ideas to get start a successful lifestyle blog.

How To Start A Successful Blog And Make Money From Blog

Starting a lifestyle blog is many reason like money, knowledge sharing, experience sharing etc.

But starting a blog main reason is earn money. don’t worry. you are not alone to make money from blogging but lots of blogger earn money from blog.

So friends if you have starting a lifestyle blog, after you thinking a plan how to monetize your blog?

Here some ideas to show you how to monetize your lifestyle blog.

How To Monetize Lifestyle Blog?

Affiliate Marketing:-

Affiliate Marketing is best and quick way to monetize your lifestyle blog. Here you can joined affiliate program like Cuelink, shareasale, commission junction etc. In affiliate marketing you promote merchant or company product , services on your blog. If your reader buy this services or product from your link then you will get some amount commission earn.

In lifestyle blog have a lots of opportunity for affiliate marketing. Because they featured a lots of different topic.


Most of blogger use this method to monetize to blog. If you have a lots of traffic on your blog  then you must be use ADSENSE. AdSense is Google product. Google provide you ads. You put ads on your blog on sidebar, in article, text ads and someone click on your ads then you earn money.

You can visit this post here mentioned 7 Ways To Monetize Your Blog Traffic. I know you like this.

Here in this video show how to monetize lifestyle blog? Let’s watch video

How To Start A Lifestyle Blog:- Are You Ready For  Lifestyle Blog Launch?

Step 1:- First Choose Your Topic

Above we discussed what is lifestyle blog, how to monetize lifestyle blog after next step is choose your topic.

Choose your niche.

Before we start written a blog we need a topic. You should choose this topic, for that you have passionate and interested about it.

For example you are great yoga teacher and you interest in yoga then written about yoga.

Then you think about it a bit more and realise how to stay fit and healthy as this is what works for your busy life.

Boom! You hour topic is ready.

Write More……

Step 2:- Choose Best Platform

Above step we choose topic. After choose a topic you need to Best Platform. Where you can launch your blog.

If you find best platform then WORDPRESS is all time great choice.

Why WordPress is best?

  • It’s easy to use at beginning time.
  • Lot’s of plugin are available.
  • Plenty of theme are available.
  • Easy to customization.

Step 3:- Choose Your Domain Name

This domain name is the address of your website or blog. People will come to your website and blog by searching on Google.

In a way, this is your online address.

What is a Domain Name?

Like DIGITALJAYPAL.IN,,,, or any name of any website is called domain name.

Friends Once you have choose your topic for blogging, the next thing is a domain name.

Companies like GoDaddy, NameCheap, BigRock, are among the world’s top domain provider companies.

You can choose a good domain name for yourself from any of the above mentioned websites.

Do You Want A Free Domain Name?

If you want a free domain name then, you sign up for hosting with A2 HOSTING with our link, you can get a FREE domain name. More on this in Step 4.

Step 4:- Choose Hosting

You have selected your domain name.

Now the question is where do you have to store your data online?

Your blog will contain some text, pictures, videos and many other things. When you share your blog post on internet you need to place where your data stored.

What we use to store our data online is we call HOSTING.

Your domain name will be the name of your website, and all the data on that website will be stored on the server called HOSTING.

Since the data is a very important thing for your blog, you should choose the hosting company very carefully.

I personally recommend A2 HOSTING.

Why choose A2 Hosting?

  • You get a free domain.
  • It’s easy to manage as
  • It comes with a 1-click WordPress installation. 
  • Money-back guarantee.
  • You have access to tons of resources for help.

You can use our exclusive link to get a special offer that reduces the price to just $7.99 $3.92/month, including the FREE domain.

Step 5:- Choose Theme

So friends above you choose topic, domain name , best hosting and installed WordPress. Now it’s time to design your blog beautiful.

There is a lot of themes available in WordPress.

You can choose the theme according to the topic of your blog and install it easily.

If you are searching the theme of the WordPress blog, then I Personally recommend Generatepress Theme. if you do noy buy the theme, you can also use the free theme.

Step 6:- Published Your First BlogPost

Now your blog was ready. You start writing and published BlogPost.

Your blog is nothing without you.

All you have to do to create a blog and start writing today.

Go to your WordPress dashboard.

On the left hand side you see post option. On this option you hover you can see Published post, draft post and all post.

WordPress Dashboard

Now you are write post and published. In this blog post you also add video, image, gift etc and make your post interesting.

Start A Lifestyle Blog:- Tips For Successful Blogging Journey

(1). Always Focus On Success

In your blogging journey always focus on success. Believe in your self and try to provide best result. If you do not enjoy your blogging journey you will not success in your blogging journey.

(2). Daily Learning 

In blogging journey you want to daili learning blog around your topic.
In blogging you do not successful  in one night. You don’t know everything about blogging in a single day. Its take a time.Try to daily read at least 3 BlogPost.

Success Tip in blogging:- Keep Learning, Implement in your blog. Next day repeat this rule and grow your blog.

(3). Consistency

Consistency is another important factor in successful blogging journey. Create your blog make it schedule and try to consistency update.

Consistency is a key factor in Blogging Journey.

(4). Be active on social media

Don’t automate all of your accounts. Rather, be present on each platform that you’re trying to build.

Let’s watch another video. In this video show you most important tips for starting a successful blogging journey….

So friends. Congratulations…

Here your blog is ready? You can use our exclusive link to get a special offer that reduces the price to just $7.99 $3.92/month, including the FREE domain.

If you have any questions about how to start a lifestyle blog? Leave us a comment below so I will help you.

How to start Blogging

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