How To Become A Successful Blogger in 2020? Pro Tips

Blogging is one of the best business models in the world. It gives you the freedom of time, freedom of space and more. You can easily increase your income threw blogging.

Blogging is a long journey and there are many things that you will need to correct.

In this post, discuss the top factor that determines the success of the blog.

I have been a writer for a very long time.

I have learned to write and read just like a writer and I am learning about it.

But if you are following me then you also know that I have been blogging for the past few months now.

I also have some blogs and YouTube channels. The details of which are given below.


What I have learned till today is very wonderful for me!

In today’s post, I will share some BLOGGING TIPS AND TRICKS.

Today you are going to read How To You Become A Successful Blogger?

How do I look at the world of blogging and how you can achieve success in this world of blogging.

Blogging is as much of an art as any other form of writing.

How to become a successful blogger in 2019? Pro Tips

First of all, I will tell you one big tips, if you have to come to blogging then you have to keep passion. Well blogging is very easy but you have to give some time.

If you want to be successful in blogging, then you have to work hard.

How long will it take to make your blog successful? It will depend on your work.

As I mentioned above, I have been blogging and teaching the people for the past few years. I still handle my client’s blog.

If you follow my tips, then I promise you that you will become 100% successful blogger.

(1). Blogging is Your Business

Blogging has changed my life and I believe it can change your life too. But when you take your blogging to seriously then

Today most people do blogging like a work today. And they work for a few hours only.

But you do not have to do blogging like as a work but like Blogging Is Your Business.

If we do blogging like work, then we will not be able to give that effort which will be given.

But you have to consider blogging as your business. We have to give him time. He has to take care of it.

In the beginning, we will have to leave the idea of making money from blogging, but we have to blogging about how well I can give good content to my readers.

You have given good content to your reader and you have to get your reader back to your blog.

Once your blog has become famous, you can not think of how much money you will get in that blog.

So Blogging Is Your Business.

(2). Choose Best Platform

There are many platforms in today’s time where you can make a blog with free and earn money. But which of those platforms is good for you, which platform is best for you  it is very important.

In today’s time, most of the blog’s two platforms are used. One is WordPress and the other is Blogger.

Which Platform Is Best For You:-Blogger vs WordPress:- Which one is best for you at beginning?

If you are new to blogging, then some points of wordpress vs blogger have given that which platform is good for you.

Blogging Is Free Tool.

In WordPress you will take the money of buy domain or hosting.

In Blogger, you will get sequrity of Google.

In WordPress, you have to keep sequrity a little bit more meaning that Google will not have it.

You can not manage your data in Blogger, while in WordPress you can manage your data.

In Blogger, you will get a limited feature but if you get more features then use WordPress.

(3). Choose And Focus Only One Topic

Mostly of the blogger What DoMake? They can choose a multiple topic. That too for everyone, they finally fail.

You have to choose a one topic. You have to like the topic about which to keep a little bit of information.

One of the most important point “You’re passionate for that topic.”

You have to be a master in that topic.

In My Case, I just tell you about blogging. Similarly you also have to like a topic.

But you have to take care of three things in choosing a topic.

  • You are Passionate for the topic you liked.
  • You have a telent for the topic you liked.
  • The most important thing is that the topic of your topic is also a market demand.

Even here we talked about what he had before starting blogging.

Right now we will talk about how to create blogs after some important tips.

(4). First Start A Blog

Most people spend more time thinking.

When you have made up your mind that you have to become a successful blogger then what is the delay?

You register a domain name that is a bit easier to remember.

Here you can buy a web hosting. In today time a lots of company are provided web hosting services.

Most of people are asked me ” which web hosting is best?”

But I will strongly recommended choose a bluehost web hosting.

Why:- Bluehost web hosting review in Hindi.

Install a blog, publish some article. Share it on social media.

Drive some traffic to your blog and earn some money from Ads or affiliate marketing.

That’s Simple.

Here special gift for you.


I know you are beginning to fear failure. Or do you think there will be failure to start a blog and get no traffic for it?

Do you fear?

Fear will not happen. I used to be scared of these things in the beginning but nothing was difficult when I started a small start.

You also start to become a SUCCESSFUL BLOGGER from today. At every step, you succeed in small ways.

Starting I get the first 100 visitors on my blog Then get the first 1000. This is the way to become a successful blogger.

You have become a Successful Blogger. Best wishes for the success of your blogging.

Have questions? Leave a comment below.

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