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Google News Optimization: How to Boost Your Site’s Traffic

Google News has now forever changed how we keep up with the happenings in the world around us.

Optimizing websites to appear in Top Stories or Google News, is important in the process of earning rankings.

This is the reason that Google uses multiple organic SERP features to display recent or newsworthy content, all of which come with its own set of ranking guidelines.

If you run a News website and want it to reach a wider audience and gain more traffic, Google News is your place to be.

What does Google News do?

Google News collects data from its verified websites and shows it to its audience based on their interests. Google News is now available in 60+ regions in 30+ languages.

In this article, we are going to read about how one can boost its News Site Traffic. So without any ado let’s get started!

Ways to Boost Your News Website Traffic-

(1). When will my website be included as a Google News source?

For a successful inclusion of your website in Google News, the website will be manually reviewed by a Google employee. The responsible reviewer will evaluate the site based on its general, technical, and content guidelines.

You can easily find technical and content requirements for a website to be included as a Google source on the Google News page.

(2). Layout of the website

The layout of the website as well as the individual news article is vital. The lesser elements that there are between the actual news content, the better. The HTML code of the article should be without interruptions and in this order: Headline > Image > Date > Body text.

Make sure your news article speed is optimized because Google is even more concerned about news article speed optimization than it is with a web search.

The ideal order in which the article elements should be structured is:

1. Headline

2. Image

3. Date

4. Article body

(3). Site architecture

Your website structure should be easily craw able by Google’s Bot. To do so, your aim should be to make it easy for both your users and Google to navigate your site. You should keep your site structure as shallow as possible, to minimize the number of clicks you need to get from your homepage to any other page on your site. A Digital Marketing Company can help you design an SEO Friendly, Perfectly architectured website.

(4). Google News Sitemap

Well, you are not obligated to create Google News sitemap, but it is surely highly recommended. It would not necessarily help you earn rankings, but it will make it easier to crawl by Google and thereby discover and index your site.

Even if you already have a sitemap for your website, you should make a separate sitemap solely for Google News. You can add up to 1000 URLs for your articles that are published in the last two days. If you need to add more URLs, you can always go for multiple sitemaps. Keep your sitemaps updated with all the new articles.

(5). Headlines are way too important

Headlines play an important role in Google’s tracking formula. Using the right words and word combinations is important. The headline should be short and crisp. Try to use the focus keyword at the very beginning. Avoid sarcasm or puns because since Google is merely a machine, it cannot possibly interpret it.

(6). Use Multimedia

The Google News bot looks for content that delivers a multimedia experience. Using graphics, images, and videos in your news blog would also be more appealing to your audience. When using images, be sure to follow Google tips to get maximum ROI.

It is also necessary to optimize multimedia. Use or og:image so that Google can recognize that a certain image should appear as a thumbnail next to your article. Keep the size of the images at least 60*90px. Moreover, do not forget to give proper captions and alt tags to your images.

(7). Publish Original and Timely Content

Google News index appreciated original and unique content which is relevant and insightful to the readers. Google gives reliable articles higher priority whereas plagiarised content will heavily hurt the chances of a news website appearing in Google News. Keep your content current and try to publish any verified news as soon as you can.

(8). Focus on the Technical Requirements

You can Hire a SEO Company to take care of all of your technical, on-page, off-page SEO

  • Your article should be in AMP HTML format
  • The website should be search engine friendly
  • No 301 redirects
  • The headlines and the date of publication must be easily readable and recognizable
  • The URL of all the posts should be distinctive and permanently valid
  • The HTML source code of a news item should ideally be structured without interruption in this order: Headline > Image > Date > Body text. A large number of social media plugins tend to also make things worse in this regard.
  • Make sure the pages/individual URLs load quickly
  • The user agents Googlebot and Googlebot-News must not be prohibited from crawling and indexing the page.

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